Special Features

  • Designed for Aluminium profile overlay glass shutters.
  • Max. opening angle 105°
  • Max. Shutter size is 34"x22"(850mmx550mm)
  • Max. glass thickness is 5 mm.
  • Also available in half overlay (10mm crank) hinge.



Aluminum Profile for 40 mm GSPl - A      
Aluminium Profile 40 mm with Handle GSPl - AH      
P.V.C. Profile GSPl - P2      
Hinge with Lock Bracket for Alu. Shutter-Overlay GSPl - Hl1      
Hinge with Lock Bracket for Alu. Shutter-Half Overlay GSPl - Hl2      
Corner Bracket for Aluminum Shutter GSPl - CB      
Auminium Profile Glass Shutter Fittings (I)        
1) Al. Profile 40mm   GSPI -A-SF 2 mtr. Satin SS Mtr.
2) Al. Profile 40 mm with Handle GSPI-AH-SF 2 mtr. Satin SS Mtr.
3) Hinge for Alu.Profile (Inset)  GSPI-HI3 16 mm   Pair
  GSPl - Hl2      
4) Bracket for Prolift GSPI-BP   Zinc Plated Pair
  GSPl - CB      


Fitting Instructions

  1. Cut the Aluminium profile to suitable length and the both ends should be cut in 45° to form a Mitre joint. (Ref. Fig 1)
  2. Fit the Mounting plate of Hinge to the cabinet as per given dimensions. (Ref.Fig.2)
  3. Insert the Hinges in the track and tight the screws properly. (Ref. Fig.3)
  4. Insert the P.V.C. profiles on the edges of the glass and slide it into the track as shown in diagram. (Ref. Fig.4)
  5. Insert the glass shutter in the track and join the Aluminium profiles with Corner Brackets. (Ref. Fig.5)
  6. Place the cover on the Aluminium profile and press to lock as shown in diagram. (Ref. Fig. 6) Cut the cover to suit the length of aluminium profile and make the slots where hinges are fitted.
  7. Screw the hinge to the Mounting plate. By loosening the bracket screws, the shutter can slide horizontally and also be pivoted for varying pressure.