Special Features

  • Precision roller system has good load bearing and life.
  • Has special guides and catches to secure the door.
  • Special flush fittings to conceal gaps
  • Load capacity - 125 kgs.



Item Code No. Max. Load Kgs. Length Mtrs Finish
Flush 125 kgs SDF 125F 125 -- Plated
Aluminium Section (125 kgs.) SDF AS 125 125 2.44 & 3.66 Anodised
Wall Mounting Bracket SDF WB -- -- Zinc Plated

Fitting Instructions

  1. Flush model is provided with channels (2 nos.) which are concealed in grooves 21 x 21mm at top of the door to have minimum gap. (Ref. Fig. 1)
  2. By removing the flush cover in the channel the inner bracket slides out into which the M8 bolts and nuts are fastened. After adjusting the height the cover is replaced. (Ref. Fig 1.)
  3. The bottom guides (2 nos.) are fitted on the floor. The groove required in the door is 9mm wide and 12mm deep (Ref. Fig.2)
  4. The catch (2 nos) is fitted in the aluminum section at both ends and can be adjusted for pressure. (Ref. Fig. 3)
  5. Optional wall mounting brackets are available. This is to be fitted every 600mm on aluminum section (Ref. Fig. 4)