Special Features

  • Ideal for cupboards and wardrobes where space is a constraint.
  • Weight of shutter should not exceed 35 kgs.



Sliding Wardrobe Shutter Fittings SWF 1
Aluminium Rail SFFA 1

Fitting Instructions

  1. One set is for one sliding shutters.
  2. Set of two sliding fittings with four wheels, each are fitted on top rack. (Refer fig.1)
  3. Set of two sliding fittings with one wheel, each are fitted on bottom track. (Refer fig.2)
  4. Cavities for sliding fittings are made at the four extreme ends of shutter. (Refer fig.3)
  5. Center distance between two rails should be 40 mm min. (Ref. Fig.4) IMPORTANT: TO BE ORDERED WITH THE ALUMINIUM RAILS. CODE NO. SFFA1.